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Living in Minnesota most of my life as well as North Dakota and Iowa, makes me love summer.  I love the activities associated with summer such as paddle boarding, biking, gardening, long walks, cooking, food, reading, writing, camping, vacations and of course my family. In the Winter, Its more like reading, cooking and projects. Brrrr!

We always seem to be discussing or doing something related to these topics in our house.  Why not share our experiences, expertise and learning with you in our blog.   I say “our” because my husband will be posting some of his experiences and hobbies.

I attended North Dakota State University and have a double major in Food and Nutrition- Dietetics and Mass Communications. I work one day a week as a Dietitian and volunteer my other hours to my church, bible study fellowship and my family.   I am a mom of three and have gained loads of experience raising my three kids and still working on sending my youngest out of the nest.  I hope we both can learn and grow from this Blog. I know I am already!

I will be starting an email mailing list for the blog in the future. For now, comment or email me and I will get you signed up or contact you when I start my email list.

Blessings to you,

Anna Dabill