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Don’t shy away from a monthly email in your inbox, because if you do, you will miss my blog. Dabillaroundthetable is a community of readers who gather around my table each month to learn more about Faith, Family, Fun, and Favorites. 21 Reasons to subscribe to Dabillaroundthetable monthly Email in 2021.

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21 Reasons to Subscribe to Dabillaroundthetable monthly Email in 2021

21 Reasons to Subscribe to Dabillaroundthetable Monthly Email

  1. If you quit social media or it shuts down and you subscribe, you won’t miss my blogs. Many of you rely on social media to tell you when a blog is out, but you may be missing some of them because you are avoiding Facebook or Instagram.
  2. I only send out one email a month with links to my blogs. I do this because I hate when emails spam my email daily. Your Email address won’t be spammed or sold.
  3. My monthly Email is almost like a magazine with 3 to 4 blogs to read in one sitting. If you are going to take the time to read one blog, you may as well read a few and covering a variety of topics.
  4. You will learn something new about food, faith, or family. It’s my aim to teach you something new in a variety of subjects.
  5. You may learn something fun to do with your family or on your own.  Ideas for crafts, cooking, activities, books, or places to see.
  6. You can comment. If you have a question or a comment, please let me know.
  7. You may be inspired to plan a trip, make a food dish, or try new food. 
  8. My favorites may become your favorites. Many blogs are all about my favorites and I also include a Friday Favorites on Instagram, so follow my Instagram account @dabillanna
  9. The reading part of the brain will thank you. If you are not a reader then take time to at least read a blog.
  10. You may be encouraged in your faith. I share many personal faith stories, bible study ideas, or meaningful verses to help grow your faith.  
  11. Books are discussed at times and you may find a new one to read. I do occasional book reviews, summer reads, or favorites. Recent Book Review.
  12. You may learn how to stay healthy. As a Dietitian, I try to eat and live a healthy lifestyle and am hoping to pass some of those tips on to you.
  13. I may be thinking like you!  You may discover I think like you, but if I don’t that’s ok.
  14. Maybe you discover a new food item to buy. I am always trying new foods and recipes that I share with you. My Favorite Veggie is Tomatoes. Love for Tomatoes Blog
  15. You may be able to teach me something new as you communicate with me. 
  16.  Vacation planning ideas for your next trip. I have visited many places in the USA on my traveling sabbatical. Check out past blogs or ask me.  
  17. Nature pictures are always on display in many of my blogs. I love sharing my pics with you. Here’s a link to my Favorite Travel Pics.
  18. Links to other blogs and websites. I will link to other blogs and websites when I know you may want to visit them or they add more depth to my blogs.
  19. The more subscribers, the longer I can blog. In reality, the number of subscribers I have tells companies and publishers people like my blog.
  20. One day I could write a book and it’s because you subscribed one person at a time. Thank you! 
  21. You… I care about helping and encouraging you around my table with my tips, tidbits, delights, favorites, fun, and stories. 

Thank you for reading 21 Reasons to Subscribe to Dabillaroundthetable monthly Email in 2021- now if you sign up for my email below I will be delighted.

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Scone Recipe as a Thank You

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I do not have advertisements on my blog because I pay for this blog upkeep each year. This is getting hard on the pocketbook and I need to have more subscribers to get sponsored posts and side ads. I am an all or nothing person. I keep at this blog with a goal to write a book. Please subscribe to Dabillaroundthetable to cheer me on. Thank you.

Ideas Appreciated

Next, If you want a blog on a specific topic related to Faith, Food, Family, Fun, or Favorites, please comment or message me your ideas. This is about you! You all are the best!

Guest Blogger

Finally, If you would love to be a guest blogger, please message me and we can discuss being a guest blogger for Dabillaroundthetable.

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