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2020 is the Year

My husband and I sold our house last fall and quit our jobs last December. We traveled the middle states from South Carolina to Oregon from January to May. We drove our SUV and lived in Airbnbs taking a traveling sabbatical. We hoped to discover where we wanted to move to and what we will do with the next 15 years of our lives. Follow the blog and social media for the stories and the end result!

COVID showed up in the USA in our travels. Our Sabbatical ended a few weeks earlier and we have been in our job searches this summer, enjoying a Minnesota Summer with family. Homeless and unemployed in uncertain times, we look ahead with hope knowing God has a purpose and a place for us this fall. Keep following for the end of the story.


Living in Minnesota most of my life as well as North Dakota and Iowa makes me love summer.  I love the activities associated with summer such as paddle boarding, biking, gardening, long walks, cooking, food, reading, writing, camping, vacations and of course my family. In Winter, It’s more like reading, writing, cooking, and projects. Brrrr!

My husband, kids and I always seem to be discussing or doing something related to these topics in our house.  Why not share our experiences, expertise and learning with you in the blog.  Recipes, stories, and ideas I will share at my table.


I graduated from North Dakota State University and have a double major in Food and Nutrition- Dietetics and Mass Communications. I have been a Registered Dietitian for 28 years and have also substitute taught in the school district my kids grew up in. Helping at my church ministries and involvement in Bible Study Fellowship Leadership is also where I have spent many hours of my time.  

I am a mom and have gained loads of experience raising my three kids.  I am now an empty nester! A new phase of my life and working my way through it.   I hope we both can learn and grow from this Blog. I learn something new every day.

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Blessings to you,

Anna Dabill

In Minnesota we talk a lot about the weather. Here is my take on MN Seasons with a Meme.

Minnesota Seasons Meme
Minnesota Seasons