The Master of Planning: Motivation for your life

Tis the season of the new year to get organized.  It’s hard to plan, think of details and get motivated.  Let me introduce you to the master planner and organizer we can learn from and get motivated from.

God is the master of organization and planning. Yes, He is! When I am reading my bible, I am amazed whenever I see God give specific instructions and planning in detail on how to, and when to.  He expected his plans to be followed and if not, there were problems and consequences.

God the Master Planner

I used to get teased and still do because I love to plan, love calendar planning and love planning menus, future blog ideas, and future to do lists. I love writing out the details and steps to be taken far in advance. Compared to the people who tease me with their lack of planning I look good.  I like to plan, but I am nothing like God. The pastors who teased me forgot that God was the  master of planning.

God’s Master Planning Examples 

When Noah was told to build the ark, the instructions were given in extreme details. This included the measurements, wood type, what was to go inside and etc. These instructions can be found in Genesis chapter 6.      

The building of the tabernacle was another project tackled with great detail. David was to draw up the plans and Solomon was to build it. 1 Chronicles 28 not only gives details for the tabernacle building but the clothing the priests are to wear as well as the specific furnishings.                   

The Israelites were given instructions many times on how to fight their battles.  Some of these battle plans seemed crazy. For instance, they were to march around Jericho six days one time and on the 7th day march seven times and then shout and the walls would fall down.

They followed the plans and they won the battle but when they did not consult God or failed to do what God had planned for them, they lost or suffered natural consequences.

God wrote about laws and consequences of breaking the laws in Exodus. God started the first real court set up/plan because he knew laws would be broken and the world needed justice.    

All the details of Jesus death and resurrection lined up like clockwork and were planned as God created the world. He knew we needed a Savior because of sin and our sins needed to be redeemed with Jesus, who died on the cross for our sins.

I am sure you get my point. God is a planner and so should you.   You may not be the best at first, but the more you plan and think through things the better you will get at the details. 

Planning may not be your favorite thing to do. As you plan you may start liking the outcomes and then you may like to plan.

Here are some things you could plan to make your life move a little smoother. Yes, it takes time, but you know where you are headed and the days and weeks just get easier.  

Proverbs Verse
2019 Planning

Things To Plan:

Your schedule. Make lists of what you need to get done this year, month and week. Plan for what you will try to accomplish each day.   If you don’t get it done, do it the next day.  My problem recently is I keep telling myself, I can do it tomorrow.  Don’t get into that habit.   It’s not good.

Plan Eating

Plan your menu.   Sit down and plan what you will eat Sunday to Saturday every week.  Plan foods that will work with your schedule. Leftovers on a day are good too. Transfer the food items to a grocery list if you don’t have the foods in your house.  Planning what you will eat, will help you stay on a budget and will help you eat healthier.

Write out your grocery list each week and plan when you will grocery shop.

Plan when you will clean your house each week. Or divide up cleaning jobs to do each day.

Plan when you will take a vacation this year, where it will be, your budget for vacation and reserve the place to stay and things to do. If you are staying at a resort this summer, book now.

Plan when you will visit Grandma or the relatives. If you don’t do this, you may miss out.

Plan who you will have over for a meal this month or connect with at coffee this month. See blog on company’s coming

Plan date nights with your spouse and dates with your kids.

Plan your budget for the year and each month.

Plan how many books you want to read this year.   Example two books a month and list the books you would like to read.

Plan goals or things you want to accomplish this year.

Plan what you want your kids to learn or accomplish this year and summer. Sit down together if they are older.


This is just a start, but sit down with a cup of coffee, calendar, paper and pen or computer. Pray and start planning.  

Some planning is better than none. If you don’t have all the details they will eventually come.  For instance, I need to plan a graduation party for my youngest this year and I don’t have the details in place but I have the ideas flowing for the start of the party plan written down.

Here is the thing with planning. You have a plan so work it. If you make Tuesday supper on Wednesday that’s okay. I do this all the time, because we can change our mind or our taste pallet.  We are not God.  God is just our perfect example of planning.

Be flexible. If something doesn’t work out its okay, but don’t get into a regular habit of not planning. Things change and sometimes the people who don’t plan can mess you up.  This happens all the time for me. You just smile and adjust or know they will mess you up so involve them in future planning.

If you don’t plan you may not do it or not go on vacation or won’t have food in your house or not visit grandma. You may be stressed out from flying by the seat of your pants all the time.     


You must be intentional with your planning and organization and then do it.  I love the word intentional. Intentional means done on purpose or deliberate. Set time aside each week to plan and make it fun!

God is the master planner so ask him to help you learn planning or learn from others.  Start Planning.

For those who are planners and need these motivation tips, continue to plan no matter what.  You will be glad you planned your year.

Note: In a future blog this year I will focus on menu planning.

Master of Planning
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