The End- Days 91 to 120 of the Traveling Sabbatical

The end has finally come.  I never planned for our Sabbatical to end this way. At the start of our travels, I said, “we can make the plans and God can change them.”   Learn how we ended the Traveling Sabbatical from days 91-120 and what is next.

We were interrupted by the virus in March and altered our plans the longer we traveled.   By the end of March most places were closed down and we basically drove around, hiked, biked, walked, or picked up groceries. 

The good part is we were still able to see the states and cities we hadn’t seen before and got lots of exercises.  We kept saying if we end our travels early we will always say “What if we were supposed to live in the state we missed?” Plus, we had no better place to go and no place to live.   

We used safety, wisdom, and social distancing which made for a lonely six weeks.   You know how lonely it gets because you did it too. 

If you want to learn about our restroom stories check out my last blog on Let’s Talk about Restrooms.

Our original plans were to be back on Day 130.  We cut our trip short because the people we wanted to see in California were under “shelter in place”.   

Chimmney Rock

Days 91 to 120

Torrey, Utah

Day 91- It was Palm Sunday so we watched three churches on line- Heritage church, Baxter, MN, Hillsong Church, Australia and Oceans Church, Destin, FL at our apartment Airbnb.  We took a mile walk.

Day 92– Rick hiked the Kohab Canyon trail 3 miles in the a.m. and Capitol Reef National Park closed down part of the park.   We hiked 4 miles on the Chimney Rock trail in the afternoon.

Bryce Canyon

Panguitch, Utah

Day 93– We drove on Scenic byway 12 from Torrey to Panguitch, UT.  We saw the Grand Staircase Escalante area on the way.   We hiked a small trail outside Bryce Canyon. At 4:30 pm we arrived at Bryce Canyon National Park and they were closing it for the virus at 5 pm.  We spent 30 minutes taking pictures before they closed. New Airbnb stay in Panguitch.

Day 94- We hiked Arches Trail in Red Canyon-Dixie National Forest.  We also hiked the Birdseye Trail for a total of 5 miles.   Rick hiked two more trails in the National Forest.  I was very frustrated and depressed about the virus and how it was disrupting our trip.  No people to talk to and questioning our future plans and when we should end.   We had a good talk about all this.

Red Canyon
Red Canyon

Kanab and St. George, Utah Day Trip

Day 95– We tried to drive to Panguitch Lake but it was snowing at the lake so we turned around. We hiked to a cave near Kanab called Moqui cave.  We drove around Kanab and saw Red cliffs- Lake Jackson Reservoir.  We drove to St. George, Utah to see what that city was like and stopped at Costco.


Ogden, Utah

Day 96- Drove to Ogden on scenic roads stopping in smaller towns for pictures.  We had lunch at Rock CanyonParkk in Provo and saw multiple reservoirs, Heber City, and Park City. Arrived at our Airbnb in the basement of a home with a private entrance.   The couple home schooled 6 kids so we enjoyed the kid noises above us during the week.

Day 97- We hiked 3 miles in Beus Canyon with a small waterfall.  We biked 10 miles on the Ogden River Parkway trail and saw the Botanical Gardens on the trail.  Drove to Huntsville and Eden on the Pineview Reservoir and drove around downtown Ogden.

Day 98- Easter! Watched the Waters Church in Sartell, MN, and Washington Heights Church in Ogden, Utah online.   I had a Zoom call with my family and went for a mile walk.

Day 99- 40 degrees with windchill. Drove to the Great Salt Lake next to the Salt Air.  Saw salty sand on the way to the water.  Drove around downtown Salt Lake and hiked up Ensign Peak to the Overlook of the city.   Walked around Liberty Park and saw the duck pond and Aviary area that was closed.  Drove to Utah Lake, Rock Canyon Park, and saw the Provo River Trail.

Day 100- Hiked 5 miles on the Wheeler Creek/Icebox Canyon loop trail.   Rick hiked 7 more miles on the Indian trail.  42 degrees and windy day.

Day 101- Rainy morning.   Picked up some groceries and cleaned the inside of the car.  Looked for jobs online.

Day 102- We hiked ½ mile in the snow in Cottonwood Canyon and saw the closed ski slopes. 5-mile hike in Mill Creek Canyon Pipeline trail with beautiful views.

Salt Lake
Salt Lake
Garden City
Garden City

Pocatello, Idaho

Day 103– Drove to Idaho with stops to see Logan, Utah, Bear Reservoir in Garden City, and Soda Springs to see a Geyser.   We hiked 3 miles at Cherry Springs trail near Pocatello and overnight at an Airbnb.

Shoshone Falls
Shoshone Falls

Boise, Idaho

Day 104– Headed to Boise with stops at Twin Falls to see Shoshone Falls the “Niagara of the West”.  Hiked 3 miles to Evel Knievel jump site on the Snake River.  Hiked around the Centennial Waterfall Park and saw the bridge that goes over the snake river. Drove by BSU and Table Rock lookout in Boise.   Checked into our private Airbnb house.

Day 105– 70 degrees outside today. Watched Hillsong Church in California.  Drove around Nampa, Dead Flats Wildlife Preserve, and Lake Lowell reservoir.  Stopped to see a couple/baby who moved to the Marsing area from MN.  Hiked the Jump Creek Falls recreation area.  Drove by the Kuna area and watched the Riverside church of Boise online.

Day 106– Biked 24 miles on the beautiful Boise Greenbelt along the Snake River. High of 72 degrees.

Day 107- Hiked Military Reserve loop for 3.5 miles. Rick hiked 5 miles on the Gulch.

Snake River
Snake River

Sandy, Oregon

Day 108- Drove to Sandy near Mt. Hood. Rainy and parks and overlooks closed. Drove near Portland to say we saw it. We stayed at an Airbnb on a hobby farm with a pond. Frogs croaked all night long.

Day 109- Hiking, Iconic roads and overlooks in the Mt Hood area closed.  The rest stops were open. We found a road less traveled and did a mountain drive and hiked 1 mile near the Zigzag River and 2 miles near the Sandy River. Drove by the orchards and nurseries in the valley.

No Access

Corvallis, Oregon

Day 110– Drove to Corvallis via the coast loop.  Beaches/Cannon Beach and overlooks closed.  Stay home, save lives.   Sorry, we are homeless.   Found a few open beaches and overlooks. We stayed at an Airbnb apartment in the Corvallis area in the Willamette valley.

Day 111- Walked 2 miles at a park near the Willamette River. Drove around Albany and walked at a park around a lake.


Brookings, Oregon

Day 112- Watched Life Community Church in Corvallis on line.  Drove to Brookings via the coast. We Found a few overlooks and beaches open and went for a 15-minute walk on the beach farther south. Drove to the Oregon Redwood trail deep in the woods to hike 1 mile and see the giant Redwoods. Stayed overnight in a Hotel.



Day 113– This day was our adventure with stories to tell later.

Reno, Nevada

Day 114– Drove to Lake Tahoe to see it for 30 minutes and did a car tour of Reno, NV, and Sparks. Overnight at an Airbnb

Lake Tahoe
Lake Tahoe

Rock Springs, Wyoming

Day 115- Very long drive to a hotel for the evening in Wyoming.   80 degrees.

Salina, KS

Day 116- Another boring drive to Kansas for the night at an Airbnb.  Gas prices $1.30 but the wind was really blowing. 80 degrees.


Fayetteville, AR

Day 117- 80 degrees. Drove to Belle Vista, Bentonville, Rogers, Springdale, and Fayetteville on a car tour. Walked 2 miles on the Razorback trail near Fayetteville Lake. Overnight at an Airbnb.

Day 118- 85 degrees. Biked 12 miles on the Razorback trail from Rogers to Bentonville. Saw Compton Gardens and Rick mountain biked on the Slaughter Pen Trail.  Hiked 1 mile on the Park Spring trail near Clear Creek and walked 2 miles on Belle Vista Park trail.

Day 119- 70s out and sprinkles. Hiked one mile at Devils Den State Park. Visited Reservoirs in the area by car- Beaver Lake and Lake Sequoyah.  Gas as low as $1.17 per gallon.

At Devils Den
Devils Den State Park


Day 120- Travel in the 60s and rain to Minnesota.   We stopped to see our youngest with a social distance visit.   May the 4th be with us and with you!

The mind of man plans his ways but the Lord directs his steps. Proverbs 16:9

That is exactly the verse we used to start this trip but God had different plans for us. Our trip was cut short by 10 days and things we planned didn’t work out the way we expected.   

We are back in Minnesota staying at a relative’s summer place. This social isolation has been hard for you all.   I am going crazy being isolated after being back for over a week and plus it’s cold outside.  Oh Lord, move us soon!


What next?

We have been praying for God to reveal to us on this trip where we should live and work and His plans and His purpose for our lives.   We have learned a lot but don’t have a final answer. 

Someone asked me earlier “What if you don’t know?”.  I said, “We will pick the places we could live and start applying for jobs and go from there.” Praying God opens the right door for jobs and housing.  

Please pray that God would reveal his plan for us.   A future blog will be on the cities/states we visited and the pros and cons of each one.  More blogs on favorite Pics from our trip and the cost of our travels.   Stay tuned, our story is still being written. 

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Days 91-120