50 Roses for Mother’s Day

When my mom turned 50 years old on May 13th it was also Mother’s Day. We thought it called for a great celebration and her five kids gave her a bouquet of fifty long stem roses.  My mother was delighted and honored. This is something I have long remembered.

Whether you are a mom or daughter or both on Mother’s day, I want you to enjoy this day and remember.  Every year Mother’s Day will not be the same and will be different in its own unique way. One year I have a mom the next year I don’t. Now I look back to the roses on Mother’s Day and her Birthday and it’s a cherished memory.

As a mom, I look back and a few years all my kids are home doting on me with the help of their dad and a couple years later some of my kids are not even home anymore. One day you want your own kids and the next year you are still dreaming.  This day may be hard for you because you do not have your own kids and wish you did.

One year the weather was perfect for outdoor activities and the next year not so much.  One year I got the perfect gift; the next year not.  One year I didn’t lift a finger and the next year I served others. One year I made my mom in law dinner and the next year she moved south.

Life is full of changes and marches ahead.  I enjoy each Mother’s Day as a gift to be treasured, a special day whether it made my expectations or not. I carry memories with me even if it’s not the greatest day and I smile.  I am doubly blessed because I had a great mom and I got to be a mom.

I celebrate and am thankful that I had a mom who loved me and raised me. Whether you are a mom or  a daughter, always celebrate the moms, mentors, grandmas or influencers that raised you and encouraged you in the past and present. If you can give her a hug and tell her you love her, do it today, because some of us can’t.

I did not know those 50 roses would be one of my greatest memories of my mom on Mother’s Day.   Close to eight years later before her 58th Birthday my mother went to her heavenly rest and we laid 50 Roses on her grave.


9 thoughts on “50 Roses for Mother’s Day”

  1. Anna I cherish the memories I have of your mother! She sometimes baked me that yummy almond flavored Danish pastry with the frosting for my birthday because I was her God daughter and she knew I loved it! Many cherish memories!

    1. Thanks Karen. Yes I loved that pastry too. I can’t make it as good as she did.

  2. What a great post Anna! Those 50 roses are a great memory for me too…those beautiful salmon colored buds….my favorite color! Happy Mothers’s Day….Anna. God asked you to be a mother for a very special reason. He will let you know someday why you were chosen so carefully for this role! I look forward to your blog posts! Especially recipes!

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