What I’ve Learned as I Trust God

Raise your hand if you have perfected trusting God. As humans, we all have our faults and I am sure they get in your way with trusting God.  Since I am a work in progress on trusting God, I’ll share my experience of what I’ve learned as I trust God.  After all, that’s his goal for us to trust him with all things. 

Over and over we see examples of God’s followers learning to trust Him.   When they finally trust God- He works it out for them. 

Peter Our Bible Example

Let’s look at Peter.   The more I read about what Peter says to Jesus, the more I realize he’s so much like all of us.  It takes him not once but many, many, many times to trust God. 

Like walking on the water.  He’s like I want to do it, starts to, then starts to doubt, and Jesus has to grab his hand and lift him from drowning.   Isn’t that like us.  We want to trust God… and start to. Then we have doubts about the matter and he’s got to pull us up and walk with us.  Not ready to just start walking with complete trust.  (From Matthew 14:25-31)

What I've Learned as I Trust God

Real Life Trust

There are some things I have been praying for my kids.  As you know with adult kids, you have no control over any part of their life.   You may have some influence if they listen to you. 

Many times, I am like yes God, you got this. One day I am like, I don’t know if I believe these prayers will ever be answered.   Then God whispers to me.  “Trust me.”  It’s like he’s grabbing my hand.  Over and over this year I have heard God say “Trust me” when I ask him what is going on with my prayers.  This is what I’ve learned, we are all like Peter. 

Don’t Do- Just Trust

Sometimes as I wait and trust I feel like I should be doing something.  I try to think of ways to change the situation on my own.  Then I find myself asking God, “what do you want me to do? I don’t know what to do.”  I love when God whispers to me, “Don’t Do! Wait and Trust me for my plan.”   There you go- Trusting God is all he wants from me.   Why do I keep getting distracted as I wait?

Faith and Trust

Faith is complete trust in God. God is building our Faith as we completely trust in him.  I can’t wait for the day.  God will do what he says he’s going to do and even before I ask, I know he will do it in His way and His timing.  I pray that my trust will surpass everything I think or know.  

Trust and Obey

Trust and Obey

When you trust you also obey.  “Trust and obey for there is no other way to be happy in Jesus than to trust and obey” go the words of the hymn. When you trust God, you obey him and do what he tells you to, even if it doesn’t make any sense.   A lot of things in this world don’t make sense, but if you pray and ask him for direction and he leads you, you need to obey and trust him.

There are many examples of trusting and obeying in the bible.   I like to look at Jesus’ words in the Bible as he says. “Teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely, I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” Matthew 28:20 

That is the verse that ends the book of Matthew. What better way to hear it from Jesus saying, obey me in all things and you can trust me to be with you always.

If you want the history of the hymn Trust and Obey- here is the link.

What I've Learned as I Trust God

Trust for the Future

Trust Him for the things you don’t know.   When we were praying for jobs and where to live, we had to trust that God knew our place to live and the time to live there.  We had no idea what was ahead but had to trust him.  Kind of like Noah knowing he just needed to build an ark and didn’t know the rest of the story of how long it would take.   We did the same.  Trusting Him for the place to live.

We ended up moving to Roanoke, Virginia area and God provided our jobs and home over time.  Still, we trust him for the why.  We don’t know why he placed us here.  Maybe it was for something in the future, or training, or a ministry, or A leads to B which leads to C.   God knows and we need to keep trusting him.   In all reality, I am better at trusting him for the unknown “what” than the “when”.   When I am waiting on the “when” it drives me crazy.  

Trust is a Choice

You can choose to trust him or simply trust in yourself or others.   When you trust God, you follow his will for your life and he teaches you many things about Him and life.  Choose to Trust and obey. What I’ve Learned as I Trust God.

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5 Tips to Help you Trust God

  1. Pray as you trust- pray continually to get you through.
  2. Keep waiting- if it seems like you can’t hang on much longer- you can with the faithfulness of God.
  3. Stay in the word of God- bring the word of God to your mind with a verse or an example in the Bible like Peter, Noah, Abraham, Joseph.  They all had to trust and wait and they weren’t perfect.
  4. Praise God and be grateful as you trust him.  You will keep your focus positive.
  5. Share what you are trusting and praying for with others so they can pray and encourage you. Your story may just encourage them.

What have you had to trust God in lately?  If you have a prayer request, message me and I will pray.