Mothers’ Advice on Mother’s Day

Let me tell you all about my mom and the advice she gave me.  As I look back, she was right again and again. Mothers’ Advice on Mother’s Day.

As we enter this month of May, mothers are on our minds again.  Some are thinking, what do I get my mom for Mother’s Day or how should we spend the day together.  For others, it’s a day we remember our mothers and appreciate all they did for us or taught us.

This is a reflection I wrote last year about my mom on Mother’s Day as I remembered.  I am sure you can relate to some of it too.

Mothers' Advice on Mother's Day

Oh, Mother, You Were Always Right

Your advice was golden even though I grunted, I did it anyway. Later, I realized you were right. 

You were right when you told me to make a commitment and stick to it, or I’d be quitting everything I tried and never get good at anything. I needed to know what it’s like to follow through and not wait for a better thing to come by. 

You were right when you said drink your milk it’s good for your bones. I haven’t broken a bone yet. 

You were right mom- when you let us lounge around on Sunday afternoon taking naps and reading the newspaper. You knew we all needed our Sunday rest or sabbath. We were ready for the week.

You were right mom when you made us pick paper bags of green beans and peas and had us snap them while we watched tv. You showed us how to work and enjoy our work for healthy meals. 

You were right mom when you always told us to buy the biggest refrigerator we could fit. While raising my kids I was always trying to find room in the frig around holidays and usually had room for everything. 

You were right mom when you wanted us to call home before we left town in the dark. Thirty minutes of country roads weren’t fun at night and you knew it. I still don’t like driving at night or at all.

You were right when you had us eat something for breakfast even if we didn’t make time, and we’d eat it on the bus. On the days we didn’t our stomachs growled all morning and we learned to eat our breakfast.

You were right when you taught us to the clean house and had us start cabin cleaning as our first job. Keeping my house clean has never been a problem for me. Thanks for the lesson’s mom. 

You were right when we’d come home from school and tell us to make dinner- chili with no recipe. I’d get it from your head and now I cook chili without a recipe. 

You were right when you had us go to the dentist every year to get our teeth cleaned even if it cost you something you wanted.  You showed us that we need to care for our bodies every day because as you said, “you only get one set of teeth that you keep.”

Mothers' Advice on Mother's Day

You were right when you sacrificed your time to cook for us, drive us, bring us to church, go to our concerts, and more. Your time = love. 

You were right when you made us take piano lessons. We learned to play our songs, and enjoy music, as it helped us learn math. When I play the piano today, I thank you for that gift. 

You were right when you tucked us into bed each night and listened to our prayers. You showed me how important prayer is and how much God loves us. 

You were right to send us to Bible camp each year. You needed a break and we need to experience God for ourselves. 

You were right when you helped us celebrate birthdays each year with family coming over for dinner and cake or letting us have our friend parties. You told us we were special without saying it. 

You were right when you modeled hospitality to others. We always had someone over for dinner or lunch or coffee.  It showed us that friends and family and visitors are important.  We all need each other and it’s good to spend time visiting and caring for others.

You were right when you worked the garden and farm for our food.  You gave us a healthy start on life with farm-fresh foods and a good work ethic.  I also know what it means to run around like a chicken with your head cut off because I helped butcher chickens.    

You were right when you sent us off to college with only a phone call a month. We learned to be independent and trust in God to meet our needs. 

You were right- and I love you for that. Wishing I could have told you “that you were right”-but you know! Love you and miss you, mom. Happy Mother’s Day in heaven- The best place you could be.  

My first ever blog was on Mother’s Day in 2018, here is the link to 50 roses to Mother’s Day.

In the comments share what your mom was right about. 

Mothers' Advice on Mother's Day

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