God Can Be Trusted- for a button and a place to live

As you plan for any adventure or your future, you have to know that if it is God’s will and plan, God can be trusted for everything.   We need to ask God his plans for our life, obey and then trust him.  God cares about the little things in life and God can be trusted, even for a button.  

Our Plans

Throughout life, we develop systems to solve our day to day problems and needs.   We may have a flat tire and think. I’ve got this and call AAA to come to change the tire and save the day.  True, we do need to be prepared and have resources available.  

When we really think about the details of life, God’s got this.  If you didn’t have AAA I bet you would have called a friend or even prayed and asked God what to do.   I once locked my keys in the car and whenever I do something not normal, I say a quick prayer.   God reminded me to call AAA to get my keys out of the car. 

God at work

How many times do we have our life so organized that we don’t even see God at work?   I myself would have to say God is working, but most of the time I can’t see it or I planned ahead and had it covered.  I am not saying planning is wrong or your own provision is wrong, it’s just that we don’t see God at work as clearly as when we must depend on him day to day

God is at work

Take away our house, job, belongings and the planning and we have to rely on God in our downsized, homeless life.  We see God in the action because we have limited resources and need him to come through first not second.  See blog on Downsizing Story an on the Road Sabbatical.

Trust God for a place to live

My first example is after we sold our house earlier than we had anticipated we had nine weeks with no place to live before we would be leaving on our sabbatical.   The first idea of where to live for three weeks fell through.  

With God’s orchestration by asking generous people, God arranged for us to stay at a friend’s house for five days while she was on vacation.  We then moved to a couple’s home because they moved south for the winter. We could live in their home for two months while they were gone. It was perfect.

I wanted to have this planned out prior to selling our house, but I didn’t know our house was going to sell in one day and we would need to be out in 45 days.  God knew our need and provided perfectly for us. Let Go and Let God do his part. He can be trusted.  

God also knew that we would need this time to prepare for our trip and get the details in place. This allowed us to be content living without our stuff, and the feeling that we don’t own a home.   This time was essential to prepare our minds and hearts for the plans He has for us on the road and in the future.

Button Trust

Trust God for a Button

When we downsized and got rid of most belongings at garage sales, I got rid of the button jar.  We acquired the button container from extra buttons on clothing with 27 years of marriage. When we lost a button, we would find one in the jar that was a close match.

One day my husband said, “my button on my shirt broke.” No button jar and no extra button on the shirt. We ask the guy staying with us if he had a button, but he only had a sewing kit.

The next day my husband went on a work trip to Texas. When he came home from the trip the sewing kit was waiting for him on the table. My husband immediately sewed on his button. Where did this button come from?

God found a button for him. The day he went on the business trip the Hotel left a pumpkin basket of candy with a bow on it in his room.  The bow on it had an almost perfect button placed on it for his shirt. My husband immediately noticed the perfect button on the bow and took it home.   He did enjoy the candy too.

God Provides

God provided a place to live and a button for my husband on his work trip. He provides everything we need even on this journey we are taking for the next five months.  God can be trusted in everything.

Turst God in Everything

What has God provided for you?  Was it big or was it small?  God does it all.

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