A Visit to Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming

Last May was my first time at the Grand Teton National Park and it became one of my top three favorite National Parks.   Learn when to go to the Tetons and what you should see.     Oh, so beautiful on A Visit to Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming.

When to Visit Grand Teton National Park

We arrived mid-May after Mother’s Day and stayed with our daughter. I still have beautiful visions of the area in my head.   Mid-May is a great time to go because the Park is not in the busy season. The Park is just opening up and there is still lots of snow to see on the mountains with sunny skies.   One of the National Park workers we chatted with said, this is her favorite time of the year at The Grand Teton National Park.  

This is a mile-high mountain area, so even if it is 55 degrees outside it feels like 70 degrees outside.   Sunshine and the Tetons radiate warmth and beauty in May.   It may depend on the year, but about half of the snow is melted in May. 

When you drive into the park from Jackson Hole you will be greeted by the Grand Teton National Park sign on the right. Down the road, the airport will be on the left, right beside the mountain range.  This is the only airport in a National Park. It is a very nice remodeled airport with many airlines.

A Visit to Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming

What to See

Head to the visitor center at the park to ask any questions or ask about hikes.  Some of the roads and hikes are closed in mid-May because of snow.   Don’t miss the Jenny Lake visitor center and trail. They had a Jenny Lake scenic boat tour available for a few days.    There are many turnouts and driving by the Tetons on Teton Park Road is amazing.    Grand Teton National Park (U.S. National Park Service) (nps.gov)

Signal Mountain Road was closed because of snow when we were there, but the view from that point would be good. Parking is easy in May, but if you go in the summer, you’ll need to get there early or wait for open spots. We dove out to Jackson Lake but the water had not all melted off the mountain into the lake yet, so the lake was low in water.  

When driving in the park, you may see Elk, Bison, and possibly a Bear.   We spotted Elk on the way into the park and then some Bison.  

Don’t miss the Chapel of the Transfiguration. It’s a log chapel in the Moose area.  You can see the peaks of the mountain from the window in it.  Many Presidents have been to this chapel and many weddings have been held here. 

An Elk
A Visit to Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming

Hikes in the Area

We did a hike to Taggart Lake. It is like hiking over the river and through the woods.  The lake was half frozen and we did have some snow and mud on the way, but it was worth it.   There are longer hikes but most were closed because of the snow.   If you love hiking, then I would recommend going in the summer.   There are many lakes and trails to hike but watch for bears. 

One of my favorite hikes was near the town of Jackson Hole called Josies Ridge which is on the other side of Snow King Ski Resort.   The view of the area and City is beautiful. We met many hikers with dogs and had patches of snow and flowers along the hike. 

Lake Taggart
Josies Ridge

Jackson Hole

This is the main town near the National Park and it is touristy. There are plenty of fun shops and restaurants.  We walked downtown and shopped at a few boutiques like Penny Lane and Lee’s Tees. I loved the pizza at Yeah Budy Pizza which is wood-fired pizza. We had coffee at Snake River Roasters and the freshest bagel sandwiches at Pearl Street Bagels. Penny Lane link.

Don’t forget to take your picture in the center square by all the elk antlers.   It is fun to see the ski lifts and mountains in town.  You know you are in a mountain town.    Bring your money because nothing is cheap. If Bargains are your thing they have a thrift store called Browse and Buy.  I found a swimsuit to use at the hot springs.

Penny Lane

Ski Resorts

The two ski resorts are Snow King in Jackson Hole and Jackson Hole Mountain Resort.  They are open for skiing from late fall to April.   If skiing or cross-country skiing is your thing then Jackson Hole is your town.  For seasoned skiers, this is one of your places. 

Hot Springs

We also wanted to experience the hot Springs so we made a morning reservation at Astoria Hot Springs.  This is 30 minutes South of Jackson and a great place to experience Hot springs with a view. It was a 45-degree temp that morning in May.  It felt like it was 65 out with the sun shining on us in the hot spring.  This was a fun way to relax for a couple of hours enjoying the outdoors.  Astoria – Astoria Hot Springs Park, Jackson Hole Wy

Hot springs

Places to Stay

For a Budget- you may want to camp in the National Park or find a smaller town nearby if staying on budget is your thing.  Dornan’s is a resort located in the National Park.  You could also stay at many resorts or hotels around the area.  We stayed with our daughter so the blow-up bed was perfect.

If you have never been to the Grand Teton National Park, add it to your places to see. And while you are at it see Yellowstone, since it is North of Teton Park.   It will be forever in my head as one of my favorite and most beautiful National Parks.   A visit to Grand Teton National Park.

A Visit to Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming

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