Prayer- The most important thing you can do for students

It is back to school time for college and school-age kids. We send them out the door each day and they need us less and less.   What’s a mom to do?  The Best thing any mom or dad can do instead of worry or fear is to pray for their students. I am sharing my prayer tips and how you can do the most important thing for your student. Pray for them.

Pray for your students- who better than you!

Yes, we must get into a habit to pray for our kids.  We are sending them to school and the big world is like the mouth of a lion.   So many distractions, so many things invading their minds and distracting them from the God who loves them and the parents who love and care for them. 

praying for kids

Start a good habit. 

Make a list or start a notebook for each student. On the list put things they need prayer for.   Pray for them at the same time each day.  In the morning, before you get out of bed, at your table, in your favorite quiet spot or maybe it’s right before you shut out the light each night. Pick the same time each day to start a habit.

Maybe you love to walk, so pray for them when you go for a walk.  I pray for my kids when I walk and when I take a  leisure bath as extra times to pray for my students.

prayer day night
faithful in prayer

Develop a prayer list

You know your kid. Lists could include: problems, struggles,  strengths, weaknesses, talents, friendships, future plans, goals, generational sins, connection and communication with family, relationships with teachers and friends, lives guided by the word and the holy spirit, future spouse, health,  to know the lord, wisdom, protection, and finally safety.     

Your list may look something like this if your student is headed to college: 

Bob- lifetime friends, good habits, spiritual growth, join a small group and church, find a job at school, develop forgiveness, patience, health, and wisdom…   You get the point, and you each know your kid and what needs to be prayed for. Maybe they even tell you, “ Mom, can you pray for _____ for me this week.” 

If your student is in elementary school it may look like this:

Jane- communication with mom and dad, good habits, love Jesus, learn sight words, be kind to other kids, listen to their teacher, make friends, be helpful at home, and patience.   You again will know what your student needs to develop in character traits.


Pray verses over students

Lists are not the only way to pray for your student.  Include a few key verses in your prayer and pray these verses for your kids.  


James 4:8 May ____ never walk away from you God, Draw their hearts closer so you will always be near them.  

Matthew 22:37    May ­____ love the Lord God with all their heart, soul, mind and strength.  

1 Peter 3:9 Make ___ a blessing to everyone they meet.

Luke 11:28 Help ___ listen to your word and do what it says.

Personalize your favorite verses.  When you run across a verse in the bible you will know this is the verse I need to pray for my kids and write it down.

Your job is to pray so keep this verse at the forefront- so if you think of your kid in the middle of the day pray that verse for them.

More than one student in your family

If you have many kids and this just seems overwhelming then pray for one kid each day. So if you have 5 kids give each kid a day to pray for them.  Or on M-W-F I pray for Bob and T,Th and Sat I pray for Jane.

Make a notebook for each kid or section of a notebook for each kid to keep your needs and prayer requests straight.  Write down a list in this prayer journal or just write out your prayers.

If you homeschool

If you homeschool then pray with your kids together before you start the day.  Be the leader and the example to model prayer for each other, our schools and this nation. Or start a Prayer Board and each kid writes a prayer request on the board for themselves and someone else.  You all can pray. When its answered they can move it to another part of the board.

pray Together

Pray in a group

If you don’t think you are motivated to pray on your own, then join a prayer group. You can start your own and ask another mom to pray with you for your students. Although this would not be daily it is better than none or can supplement your daily prayers for your kids.

Better yet, join a mom’s in prayer group In your area.  Website is and it will list groups in your area.   I have been leading a group in my area since my youngest was in kindergarten.  That’s 13 years of praying and soon 14 years praying with other moms for my students.

Pray with your spouse

If your spouse wants to pray with you then perfect.  Set time together to pray for your kids. Maybe this is at breakfast or a few times a week in the evenings or before bed.   Praying is a great way to connect together as a couple.

Pray for our nation and schools

As long as I got you praying for your kids, with a few extra minutes you can pray for our schools and nation. We so want God to move in the hearts of this nation and in our schools. Who doesn’t want everyone to love the Lord with all their heart, soul, mind and strength?   We can start a prayer movement simply by praying every day for our students, schools, and nation.

Overall you don’t have to be perfect, just have the heart that says. Lord, teach me to pray for my kids.  Develop some good habits to pray for your students.

Teach me to Pray

They are off to school and you are praying for them.


If you have any ideas for prayers, share in the comments below.

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