Prayer Tips- How You Can Talk to God Anytime

Talking with God is called prayer.   You can talk to God anytime, everywhere, and any day.   It’s like a universal phone plan with no payments.   I’m giving you some prayer tips so you can make sure you are in the habit of talking to God anytime.

God Can Be your Friend

First off, if you don’t know God or Believe He is your God, then it’s hard to pray.   You must know him as your friend and Savior. He is the one who died on the cross to forgive all your sins in the past and future.   Ask for his forgiveness and accept that gift of forgiveness as grace and believe he died for you.   

The cross

Talk to God

You can talk to Him just like he is your friend.   Tell God your problems and your needs.  He will listen.   Here is the tricky part.  You may wonder if God hears you? He does.   God may not speak back to you immediately and He may not speak in audible words. 

You may be at peace because you gave your cares and concerns to God to handle.   Sometimes He speaks to you in a silent voice in your head, but you must listen.   Other times, He works through circumstances as we wait.   God will direct your paths and ways.

Prayer Tips- How you can talk to God anytime

Prayer Tips- Pray continuously as you go about your day

  1. Pray about all things– talk to him about anything.
  2. God wants you to intercede for others.  Pray for others.
  3. Confess your sins to Him in prayer.
  4. Ask God to help you with your needs and concerns.
  5. Thank him for the blessings he has given you.
  6. Praise him in all things.  Through your struggles and good things.
  7. ACTS- This Acronym will help you know what to pray.

Adoration-praise God for who he is.  Confession-confess your sins to God. Thanksgiving-thank God for answers to prayer. Supplication- means to ask or request for God to meet your needs/intersession.

4 Steps of Prayer

If you want more information on the 4 steps of prayer and would like to pray these steps with a group each week. Consider joining a Moms in a Prayer group to pray for your kids or grandkids.  The Moms in Prayer hour is divided into Four Steps of Prayer: Praise, silent Confession, Thanksgiving, and Intercession. Four Steps of Prayer | Moms In Prayer International website for more information.

Prayer Tips- How you can talk to God anytime
prayer wall

More Prayer Tips- to help you pray

Prayer Wall

Consider putting up a small blackboard or bulletin board or white erase board up in a room you go into often.  On the board put the people you are praying for along with what you are praying for.  When you walk by or have your coffee, pray for them.  


Put prayer triggers around your home to remind you to pray.  If you wash dishes every day, put a list by your sink so you can pray and wash dishes at the same time.   When I fold the laundry, I used to pray for each of the kids as I folded their clothes.  

Habit Stacking

Mark Batterson talks about habit stacking In his book, “Win the Day”. Add something to a habit to make it a habit. Pray and drink coffee daily or pray and fold clothes.  While in the shower you can pray.  Always pray during something you do so you remember to do it and use your time in the best way.

Walking and Praying

I enjoy walking and praying.  Sometimes I have to talk out loud to keep my mind focused. Sometimes my husband and I go for a walk and take turns praying for a different subject/person.  It looks like we are walking and talking. In reality, we are praying and walking.

Driving and Praying

Many times, as I drive to work, I pray out loud.  Sure, it looks like I am talking to no one, but I am talking to God.   Talking out loud keeps me focused.



Sometimes just pray your blessings out loud to God and he will enjoy it.   Count your blessings and name them one by one.

Needs at the Moment

Pray for your needs at the moment.   As I walk into work, I ask God to go with me, because I can do nothing without him. 

Whisper Prayers

You may be scared or fearful of something. Whether in a crowd or alone, whisper your prayers to God. I did this in college a lot.  Help me on this Test God. At work, before I take the elevators, I whisper a prayer for God to orchestrate my patient visits.

Verse Prayers

Pray verses for yourself or your kids.  Sometimes we don’t have the words to say, so praying God’s words over our kids is exactly what we need to do.  See blog on praying verses over your kids.

Goodbye Prayers

When someone leaves your home, whether they are visiting or a friend stops by, get in a habit to pray a blessing prayer over them as they leave. When we stay with our friends, we always pray a prayer of departure over each other.   As our kids leave from a vacation together, we try to pray a goodbye and a blessing.  

Get in the Car Prayers

I hate driving so whenever I get in the car, I pray for God to help me drive and for protection.   Some of you never consider it, because you like to drive, but I don’t’ think it’s a bad idea every day.

Get in Car prayers

Prayers Before Phone Calls

This is something I think could be excellent. What if we prayed every time we called someone?  Pray to be used by God,  that we would have the right words to say and would be understood.  

Text and Facebook Prayers

Finally, If someone says they need prayer on Facebook or a text, I try to pray a written prayer back to them.  I do this so I won’t say I will pray and then forget. They can see what I prayed.

I hope I inspired you with these prayer tips to add prayer into your day, little by little and soon you are praying everywhere, and every day it is the right time to pray. Prayer Tips.

Pray Many Know Jesus

Pray that many would know Jesus. If someone you know doesn’t know Jesus as their Lord and Savior or friend, talk to them and pray for them.

In the Comments share how you incorporate prayer into your life or any added prayer tips.


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