Yes, No, Wait- Answers from God about Life

Whenever we have a big or little decision in life, we look to God for our answers.  He is the master planner and knows our future.  God knows us best and answers us. Many times, it’s “Yes, No, or Wait.” These are Answers from God. Gather at my table as I share how we know what God is telling us. Yes, No, Wait- Answers from God about Life.

Answers from God

Puzzle Pieces

God is the master planner and knows our past, present, and future. There are times in our lives we may feel like God is doing nothing. In reality, he is working behind the scenes doing more than I think. 

God has the box top to the puzzle. If I try to put the puzzle together without the box top it would take me forever. He knows which puzzle piece connects to the next puzzle piece. He is preparing the plans he has for us.  It may be a Yes, a No, or a Wait to get the pieces together with the correct box top cover.


Pillar of Fire and Cloud

As we wait for God’s answers in our life, I sometimes wish I could just have the pillar of fire by night and the cloud by day that the Israelites had in the wilderness.   When the cloud or fire moved, they would pack up and move until it stopped.  Then they would unpack and stay.  Exodus 13:22

That idea sounds great when we are waiting for jobs and don’t know which part of the country to move to.   God just give us the cloud and fire.  I guess now as we are in the wait mode, we kind of have the cloud over us and when the weather gets below freezing, it’s time to leave.  

Urim and Thummim

Another way I wish decision making would be easier is with Urim and Thummim.   In the Bible, the high priest had these two stones in his breastplate pouch and if a decision needed to be made, he would pull out one of the stones. One stone was like a “yes” and the other “no”.   That would be awesome for decisions, but God doesn’t work in that way for today. Exodus 28:30

God wants us to communicate with Him. Ask Him questions and seek him earnestly for the wisdom and processes to get to the answer.  It is all in building relationships with God and growing our faith.

Thoughts and Ways

Hearing God’s Voice

Another way that would be great to hear God speak to us is in a dream. Joseph heard from God in a dream about not divorcing Mary when she was pregnant with Jesus.   Who wouldn’t want to hear God’s answers through a dream?  This does happen for some, but not something we can’t expect all the time.

Samuel as a boy in the Bible heard the voice of God while he was sleeping.  He didn’t understand it and had to ask Eli twice in the night if it was Eli calling his name.  Eli told him it was God speaking. He told him to say, “speak Lord, your servant is listening”.   He listened and God revealed the plans he had for Eli’s future via Samuel.  1 Samuel 3:9-10

God still can speak audibly or through our spirit and mind to us.  Sometimes he chooses circumstances to speak to us or get our attention.  

In the meantime, we need to quiet our hearts and spirit and listen to God whether he speaks to us via his voice, a dream, or through our spirit.

There are many times I have had impressions or thoughts from God that I know were answers or directions from Him.   My spirit confirmed the direction or it was confirmed by a circumstance or something even my husband was thinking.

The Hall of Many Doors

Currently, we are looking for jobs in a few southern states.  We came to our top states from research and felt in our spirit these are places we could live. Here is the link to the blog on the top 5 places to live.   

We didn’t hear a “no” or “yes” but knew when we started to apply for jobs God would reveal His plan to us.  The answers were a ”yes” or “no” with each job we applied for.  This is the hard way but the only way we had to go.

I told my husband that I felt like we were living in a room with a long hallway.   The hallway was filled with many doors.   Our job was to open the doors, not in any order.  Some doors would stay open for a while and then close.  Other doors would only open for a short time and others would only allow us a peek into it.  Many wouldn’t even open at all.  

Our job was to pray for the door that God wants us to walk into.  This is the door that is the job and the place for us.  


Direction for Doors Opened and Closed  

We need to keep praying for direction from God for doors to be open and closed. God knows everything. He knows where we should move.

In the process of applying for 27 jobs, we have not heard a single reply from 17 companies.  We have been ghosted with no reply.   This to us is a closed door.   Other opportunities were closed after many interviews and the door was shut in the end. Not the right fit.   My friend says, “Your rejection is God’s Protection”.   



We keep praying for the doors to stay open until there is an answer.   The answer that God desires.  We pray we would have God’s favor. His favor would be given to us through a job op or just an impression the hiring managers have from the interview and application.  Only God can give you favor.

Joseph in the Bible was eventually given favor in his life from bad circumstances and then was elevated to Pharaoh’s house.  Everything turned around for him by the favor and the wisdom from God.  Joseph went from prison to lead the country out of famine.    Genesis 39:21

A plus B

A Plus B Leads to C

Sometimes God doesn’t lead you to the “yes” he has in mind for you right away.  It’s still a “yes”, but a process.   Here is a great example from a family I know.  

The Pastor’s family moved from Texas to Minnesota for a job at a church. We can call this A.  They transplanted themselves to the area and after a year and a half, they knew it wasn’t right or what they expected.

The doors opened for the next place in Minnesota.  They would have never come to church/city B if they had not been to A. The Pastor met the Pastor in church B because of the connection in church/city A.  Eventually, B was needing a pastor. Since the church at B was a newer church plant the pastor learned how to start a church plant.

Finally, with these new skills, God called them to plant a church in Florida, which was where their extended family lived.  In this case, God led them to A plus B and C the final place. If they had not gone through A and B, they would have not been ready for C.  God can use one place to lead to another.  


Wait- Answer from God

We wait and wonder why God is taking so long.   What is the problem, God?   I hate waiting and I know it’s always teaching me something.  God wants us to depend and trust him, or he just wants to grow us or build our faith.  

Sometimes it’s a wait longer than we ever planned or dreamed of.  This is the case for us now. Maybe we are waiting because the job is not ready.  Someone may need to retire or quit before the job is ready.  The timing is simply not right yet. We don’t know why, but God knows why.

Yes and No- Answers from God

We wait until we have our “yes”.   We have gotten plenty of “no” answers.   We are praying for God’s favor and open doors.   We are even praying God would give us an audible voice or dream.  

God works in his way, his timing, and his plan for us.   He is our master planner and has our box top.   We pray for the next piece to our puzzle.   God knows the “Yes”, the “No” and when we should “Wait”.  These are the answers from God.

right thing

Life Update-

We have spent the summer with family in Minnesota applying for jobs.  It’s a slow job market and have had some shut doors.  The temps have gotten too cold to stay in a place that is not winterized.  To show we are serious about moving south, we are slowly traveling south living with a few friends for a month, and will end up finding a place to live and work.  We are just doing the next right thing.   

Companies we apply for will know we are serious about living in the area.    In this case, we are similar to Abram.  God told him to Go and he left his country.  That’s all he had was a go. Always an Adventure with us this year.  Genesis 12:1

Here is a link to explain the Traveling Sabbatical we took Last January.

Would you be ready to Go if God told you to Go? And to a place unknown?

yes no wait

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3 thoughts on “Yes, No, Wait- Answers from God about Life”

  1. I keep wondering how you came to the conclusion that you should move south? Is that just something you “told” God you wanted to do and then expected him to follow through with showing you the right place? How did you “know” that you shouldn’t be where you were?

    1. When we asked him about our sabbatical and our plans, he kept the doors wide open for everything to take place. We told him to stop us when we need to stop. Then we got to the end and we wait. We still feel like moving south is in his plans. Sometimes you just have to move ahead with what’s in your spirit. God knows. We don’t. Not saying we are closing the door to North, but in his time we will know. Thanks Mary. Sorry, I don’t have a definite answer. At least we can say we will have had a Gap year!

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