Savor the Moments of Life

It’s the small moments that make up our lives.  The little things that make up a day.   Enjoy the moments’ life brings to you as a gift.   Let’s talk about how you can savor the moments of life this year.

Seconds make up minutes and minutes makeup hours and hours make up days.  You got it. Every second, minute, hour, and day count. You can find times to savor in each of them, whether small or large.


Seconds/Minutes = Savor the Moments

These are the moments that happen in a second or even a minute. The cool thing about these moments is most of the time they are reoccurring.  Meaning you can experience them again and again. Maybe daily or a few times a week.  

I have many moments I savor that occur in this time frame.  When I lay in bed in the morning, and don’t want to get out because I am enjoying the comforts or its too dark out or too cold to get out of bed.

That moment of seconds is a time I savor because just like that I have to pull back the blankets and get out of bed.   

Another moment is when you are standing in the shower and you have scrubbed yourself clean and you can just enjoy the hot shower… because.  Then I need to stop savoring the shower and shut it off and step out.

Drinking coffee… who wouldn’t savor that moment?   It’s not the coffee, but when I put whip cream on my coffee and I slurp it off before I drink it, that is the moment I savor.  Nothing like a treat of hot whip cream on coffee. It doesn’t last long, so I savor it. Here is a link to my Coffee Blog.

As you age the goodbyes and greetings become rare or we appreciate them more.  We linger a little longer as we give a hug goodbye or give a hug of, “I have missed you so much”.  

Those are the times we stop in our heads and say, “I want to enjoy this moment.”


Hours = Savor the Moments

Sunrise and Sunset

There are times when you can savor something longer than a few seconds or minutes.  The sunrise and sunset are some of them.   You may get to see them daily and they could be your minute or second savoring.  

For me, I don’t see sunsets and sunrises as often as I’d like. When I get to experience a pretty sunrise or sunset- watching the colors change and the sun rising or setting, I linger longer for up to an hour so I can get all the effects.

I watch the sunset at the tree line and then it dips behind the trees.   After a bit, the clouds change colors and reflect light on the opposite side of the sunset with pretty pastels.  

I need to wait and be patient as the sun moves about. I love those moments and savor them as well. I take plenty of pictures to share with my friends.

Here is a link to my favorite pictures on our traveling sabbatical from January to May. Favorite Traveling Sabbatical Photos Blog Link.


Meals Together

Another way I savor the moments is in meals.   If one of my kids is helping me cook, I savor the moment of their help.   A big meal with all of my kids around the table now that we are empty nesters is another time to savor.   It won’t happen very often anymore. I look around the table and enjoy the moment as a memory we are making.    

I still remember sitting around the table each night to eat a meal as our kids were growing up and savoring the comments and interactions that happened.   Sometimes when moments happen so often the moments tend to blend into one big memory.  That is ok.   Just keep savoring the time.  

 When the kids would come home from school, I remember giving them a snack and chatting as they were doing their homework. I would take a mental snapshot in my brain to keep the memory alive. Once again because it happened too often the memories started to blend.  

If you enjoy cooking together for memories, here is a link to 7 days of Zucchini Recipes.

Family Meals

Days = Savor the Moments

Another way to savor is to fully enjoy your days.   This may include birthdays, celebrations, events, and activities.   I encourage you to stop amid the busyness and acknowledge what is going on around you in your mind.  It’s like taking a mental snapshot of your day.  You may never get to experience this day again.   Enjoy it and savor it.

Think about who is there, the smells, the sights, how you are feeling, keep those moments with you, and don’t just let the day pass by without noticing it or keeping a mental journal of it.  If you like to journal, write it down and read your journal and jog your memory for the future. Better yet, take a photo to help you remember in the future.

One of those moments was our practice getting ready for school muffin morning.  For a few years we would practice getting ready for school and then eat muffins with the neighbors at the end of the driveway.  We only did it a few times, but I will always remember those days.

Savoring the Clouds on a summer day!

My Favorite Moments this Summer

This summer I have had many moments where I think, I may never experience this again, or I want to always remember this and talk about it as I get older.  


I have loved eating supper outside in the screen porch every night together with extended family and talking about our day and the food we were eating.  Seems ordinary but that memory will live in me forever. Savor the meal moments in life.

Lake Life

Another memory is living near a lake and realizing that I may never live on a lake again. This is my dream.  Sometimes we don’t get what we want.   I loved the times each day I could sit on the dock, lay on my raft in the water, stand up paddleboard with my husband or kayak.   I also had my memories of fishing. Which include catching my first fish ever and then quickly catching plenty more fish.

We also had many nights of group meals with the relatives by the fire and sunsets we could savor.   I also had a few sunrises I could experience in the quietness of the morning.

Camp Fires

No Agenda

Finally, I will savor the idea that I had no agenda each day near a lake. I could experience an almost vacation life for a whole summer.   I will remember this summer for a long time. No job or no home of my own, but great memories planted in my heart and mind.

I will also have great memories spent with our son.   He was home working for the summer and we were able to enjoy fun activities and memory makers in the evenings and the weekends.


Enjoy and Savor the Moments

With that, don’t let your life pass by even when things are frustrating to you and not what you had planned.

Find the good in your life, savor the moment and remember them. 

The seconds, minutes, and hours and days.   You will look back with a thankful heart and know that God cared for you. God is good all the time. Enjoy those kids and grandkids and family members even if they have been home far too long because this too will pass.    It may never happen again and may only be that one season, so savor the moment.


Questions for you

What things do you savor?  What is your favorite summer moment this year? How will you look at this year differently in savoring the moment?

Savor the Moments

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