My Favorite Things 2021- Gift Ideas

It is the time of year when I publish my yearly favorite things list.  I add new ideas each year. Use this list to help give gifts all year long that are practical and useful.  My Favorite Things 2021- Gift ideas.

 If you want ideas from the past see my 2018, 2019, 2020 My Favorite Things blogs.

Household Helpful Gifts

Bissel light and Feather– This would be excellent to give a college student with no vacuum or for a family to have as an extra vac in the kitchen or upstairs.   One mom says she has her kids vacuum the steps and their rooms with it.  

It’s basically like a glorified dust buster hand vac in a larger size.  One of my friends was interested in this for her RV.   We used it when we were in an apartment and couldn’t afford a larger vacuum.  It got us by for a few months.  We ordered it from Amazon. The cost is around $30.

light bissel

Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager- I had a very sore lower back and shoulders one season.  My husband the researcher, looked for a massager we could try.  He found this one.  It was the price of one massage and it was worth it.  Every night I got a warm back massage and it was wonderful.  This is a great gift to the person who has aches and pains.  We ordered it from Amazon.  Price is in the $50 range.

We took it on our traveling sabbatical to use, but we felt so good hiking every day we barely used it.  It shows a habit of exercise and no stress is the best.


Silicone Pan liners– are a perfect gift if you like to bake.  No need to buy parchment or spray your pans. I love baking or cooking with them. I can’t even think of a reason I don’t use them except in making bars.  They can be used for sheet pan dinners, cookies, and scones.  I purchased mine at Costco but you can find these in a kitchen store if you are supporting local businesses. The price is around $10-$15

pan liners

Foods Gifts or For the Stocking

Pistachio nut packs- Whether you give a giant bag of pistachios or these portion control nuts- they are great options.   I like the portion control ones because they have no shell and with pistachios, you just can’t quit.  I have sent these to my son with some other foods as a gift while he was in college for snacks. Perfect for the Pistachio lover and at Sams club a giant bag is around $16 and the smaller ones are over $20 for a multi-pack.

nut packs


“Win the Day”- is by Mark Batterson and this is my choice gift book this year for graduation gifts.   Give this for the college graduations that take place this December or for the person who loves setting goals and making changes in their life.  There is something in this book for everyone. The price is around $15

Win the Day

Hymn Devotional- 100 Favorite Hymns -I gave this book to my mom as a Mother’s day gift since she loves the hymns. Who doesn’t want to know the story behind how a hymn was written or relates to life?   She said, she would listen to her hymn CD and look up the song in the book.  I purchased this on Amazon and the price is around $15

Hymn Book

Personal Care

Tea tree oil – I buy my tree oil from Melaleuca which is called “melaleuca oil”.   I use it and give it to many family members as gifts.  It’s great to use on dry skin problems on the feet or for a cut. I even put it on an inflamed gum – but don’t swallow.   I also use 10-12 drops in a gallon jug of my homemade laundry detergent, when I make it.

You can order at a preferred member price $11 via melaleuca. If you would like to be a member let me know and I can sign you up.

Melaleuca oil

K-18 or Olaplex 3 are products made for damaged hair. My beautician told me to try it since I had a lot of breakage in my hair.  I rub k-18 in my hand and put on my clean wet hair once a week and blow-dry.  Rub in Olaplex to clean wet hair and then rinse.  You can buy these online or possibly with your beautician. Depending on the size the price is from $26-$50.


Teeth whiteners– the teeth-whiting strips I love are called Zimba. They taste like coconut or mint depending on the kind you prefer.   Put them on your teeth and read a book or watch a TV show. I like them because I drink lots of coffee and tea which stains my teeth.  

These make a good gift for yourself or for someone you know well.   I sometimes send one of them to one of my kids in a valentine’s day card or just because.   Now that is practical! The cost is around $20 a box.


Small Business Support- My Favorite Things 2021

Consider helping out small businesses. Gift buying is the perfect time to help them make their year a success. I have two gift ideas you can order online.

Sherpa socks- My sister in law who owns “In the Moment Boutique” in Lindstrom, MN and gave me a pair for Christmas last year. These are the best on a cold night to snuggle your feet into. Give these to everyone you know who lives in the cold season. If you can’t get to the store you can order online. The link is under the pictures. The cost for these is $16.

Sherpa Socks
In the Moment Boutique- Socks Link

Christmas Candles- If you haven’t gotten into the habit of lighting a candle every night at your meal, then you need a Christmas candle to do so. My daughter owns A&A Apothecary and offers seasonal scents made with soy. There is even a birthday scent. The link to place orders is under the photo. These range from $20-$35 depending on the size. They burn many, many hours.

My Favorite Things
A&A Apothecary Link

Practical Gift Baskets

Food Basket- If you know someone is a cook- give them a gift of food or cooking items in a basket.  A fun gift is to go to a store they would never go to and fill it up with food items they may want to try.  For example, my sister would go to trader joes and gift our family with a bag full of seasonal items she thought were fun. At Thanksgiving, everything in her bag was made of pumpkin.

Laundry basket– College students wouldn’t mind a laundry basket with laundry supplies.   Dryer sheets, detergent, and maybe some quarters.  I am sure they wouldn’t mind someone to do their laundry too.

Chocolate basket– The chocolate lover would enjoy a basket of chocolate this and that.   I know I would. Be creative but give items they love.  Dark chocolate for the dark chocolate lover.    

Coffee Tea Basket– Find a fun basket and fill it with teas and coffees your friend or family enjoys.  If you know them well- you will know their favorites and she/he can enjoy them all winter long.

This is my favorite Seasonal Coffee.

If you want ideas from my lists in 2018, 2019, and 2020, you may find some other gift ideas. My Favorite Things 2021- Gift Ideas.

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